Most people are well aware that doing business with people in other countries requires special skills to overcome differences in the traditional style of verbal and non-verbal communication and behaviour.

This 2-days workshop has been developed for current and future project team members, learning how to successfully participate in a remote and global multicultural environment, working in and with:

  • Public organisations dealing with international communication.
  • Enterprises that want to expand out of their home market.
  • International enterprises that want to improve their cross-culture competences.

It consists of interactive sessions that learn how participants perceive their own cultural background and that of others, and the impact of that background on their behavior in remote and virtual teams. During the sessions the participants will share obstacles that were caused by cultural differences and will discuss negotiation techniques that help to overcome issues in international projects.

pic_global_teamsThe participants will build on their own experiences to understand the main issues in working together in a remote and global team. The participants will exchange knowledge of each participant’s social and business culture and their perception of other cultures. Main topic will be the way we organise communications in a remote and global team. Best practices will be shared and further implemented by the participants as part of their real-life projects.

Finally the participants will learn how to travel and work in the global market place and experience how conflicts in social and business cultures are avoided.

Participants are or will be member of global and/or remote project teams that work in an international environment.

Duration: 2 days
Group size: 8-12
Location: In-company or external venue
Price: from € 395,- per participant (excl. venue and/or catering, incl. materials)

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