This game is aimed to apply pragmatic and Lean Project Management techniques in the daily work of both project- and operational team members.

The Project Management world is divided into two main streams of practice: PMI’s PMBoK and OGC’s PRINCE2. Independent of these well documented and broadly adapted methodologies, new deviations and ways of working pop up regularly: Agile Project Management, Lean Project Management, PRINCE2-light, etc. But the essence, let’s say the foundation of Project Management, stays the same in each methodology: managing tasks to deliver a product.

leanpm_game1In two sessions the participants observe the difference between methodologies, understand why and when phasing of a project is appropriate and learn how to better anticipate and plan on risks. Key learning objective of the workshop is to understand what essential elements need to be applied for focus on results and achieving control.

A project case allows participants to work in groups while calculating the business case, planning the resources, schedule the timeline, determine cost, and looking at what happens if resources are scarce and issues occur…


Breakdown the product/project into deliverables that can be managed and verified, and definition of work packages to be executed.

Identify the stakeholders that execute work packages and identify those who need to verify the results of the deliverables.

Estimate effort, duration and cost of work packages, schedule these, and obtain commitment for execution.

Control the execution and provide sound communication about progress, deviation from the plan and risks to the stakeholders.

Each project is different, and therefore some may need additional focus on scope and schedule, while other need focus on cost. However, by applying these key elements above, teams obtain an approach that helps them communicate and collaborate better and faster.

Duration: 2 days
Group size: 8-12
Location: In-company or external venue
Price: from € 395,- per participant (excl. venue and/or catering, incl. materials)

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