Excellent Project People Development

Your people are your most important assets; that is commonly accepted. You do however, need a great frameowrk to help your people be successful and facilitate growth. You need a good organisation structure, (agreements, culture,etc.) and good coaching and training . We have everything you need to help you get your project people to the highest level.

Qualified Project Managers continually growing with correct organisation support and agreements make for excellent project delivery

The PMO Company provides training and coaching on various subjects: PMP, AGP, IPMA, Prince2, Agile, Scrum, Safe, etc. We also have a great Project Management Game that your team can use for lifelike project decisions!
We don’t only offer standard training with the standard book and exercises. We adapt the training to your  WoW (Way of Working)! We therefore don’t have open enrollments but rather great references!

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