Reliable assignment of professionals through proactive project competence- and project role profiling

Finding a matching professional for a temporary assignment is a challenge for hiring organizations. First of all there is the risk of over- or under-qualification. Secondly the professional must be capable to adjust to the culture and standards of the organization’s culture.

pic_compentence1With the specific matching approach of The PMO Company the likelihood of a proper match is significantly increased. We do not distribute assignment openings on the internet but have access to candidates that are employed with us or with our partners, or have a long-term agreement to work together.

For all these candidates we can let you access their competence profiles that are already mapped to a large number of typical project management roles.

Naturally we also weigh the experience and skills before a candidate is introduced to a hiring organization. This enables us to ensure that we provide continuity and quality at a competing price.

The self-assessment is for free and can be done directly!

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  • Direct access to professionals on the payroll with proven quality.
  • Assignment continuity because of long-term staff engagement with us and our partners.
  • Competing market prices (no further brokers).
  • Direct insight in competencies, sikkls and role profile of candidates.
  • Optimal matching with (hard and soft) skills, competencies and experience.
  • Insight in the tariff history per role provides an opportunity for long-term cost reduction.
  • Possibility for complementary assessments of own project staff.


  • Sooner and direct access to new clients.
  • Sound overview of competencies and role profiles of own staff.
  • Possibility to develop specific development goals for own staff.
  • Insight in the requested role project roles, competencies and skills by clients.
  • Insight in the tariff history per role.
  • Contribution in handling is limited to 6 months and is less than 5% of hourly rate.


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