While you focus on your business, we ensure that your projects add the required value to that business.

Organizations often execute many projects simultaneously, leading to a lack of insight in required priority of activities. This results in projects to take longer than planned and insufficient utilization of staff.

The use of a PMO for the development and execution of a project portfolio strengthens the control function and increases insight in capacity needs and prioritization of work.

“Strategic PMOs Play A Vital Role In Driving Business Outcomes”
(Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper 2013)

The PMO Company enables you to establish a PMO. We distinguish ourselves by a turnkey provisioning of the needed tooling, training and expertise, while focusing on the right priorities and ensuring that people know what to do.

Proper management regarding priorities and connection to the core processes of the organization ensure that projects contribute directly to the objectives of your business strategy.


Our belief is that a PMO faster and better result is achieved through structured and controlled the strategy into practical implementation of work. We do this by using techniques that are secured in the organization by people with knowledge of PMO processes, methodologies and resources.

With our Managed PMO to reinforce control over the development and implementation of your project portfolio. You can therefore make better use of your own experts. In addition, you are assured of a structured approach with proven project management processes, techniques and automated reporting tools.

Our people are ‘involved outsiders’ and have the opportunity to look at your your business from a different perspective. By applying online tooling all stakeholders can easily collaborate, allowing issues, changes and reporting to be followed up quickly. This does not require separate investment because we can integrate it into the Managed PMO. Both the necessary training and management will than be managed by the Managed PMO.



  • Project Plan Development
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Business Case Verification
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Project Capacity Planning
  • Project Approval Management
  • Risk- and Issue Management
  • Change- and Configuration Management
  • Project Tooling
  • Project Reviews

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