The PMO Company implements project solutions to increase the productivity of your Marketing-, Services- and IT departments. These implementations improve the organisation of the work that needs to be executed.

Use the data in your project system and transport it to other systems. Request data on-demand or in synchronised batches. During transport your data will be filtered, validated and consolidated to fit the target destination.

pic_integration2Leave the data as is in the data sources you use. Collect the data from several data stores to compare and analyse by visualisation in customised reports.

Extend your current project system by auto importing data to make it available to your work managers. Offer data importing by web forms to your resources. This allows controlled access to your project system for internal or external stakeholders.

Reports based on project data can include auto generated interactive capabilities. This provides immediate access to manipulation of the report by moving sliders or entering parameters.

Our commitment to our customers to provide the best integration solutions possible resulted in a spin-off company named RKC Consult solely focussing at integration challenges. Next to¬†focus on Workfront API’s and integration towards ERP, CRM and HRM applications, all possible integrations services, enrichment of data through combining different sources, and stand-alone reporting services are part of the service portfolio of RKC Consult. You can upload the solution paper here.


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