Working on contract- and project documents together, independent of location and platform.

Flexible structures and management of assigned tasks. All project documents in one overview and with a well-defined team collaboration.


The structured approach of Author-e allows for the online collaborative writing of your texts.

An Author-e document consists of sections, so multiple authors can work simultaneously while you have an overview of status and progress.

Images from file systems and other Author-e documents can be embedded to facilitate reusability.

Databases can feed embedded tables and forms, ensuring up-to-date content without requiring manual copy-paste operations. From a one- to a 10,000-page document, all modifications are traceable from the start.


pic_authore2Author-e takes advantage of the cloud by keeping track of document relations, thereby ensuring consistency. For example, an image can be moved in the file system but is not removable if it is used in an Author-e document. Themes and numbering styles can be used for multiple Author-e documents to ensure corporate identity control. Workflow steps facilitate deeply embedded section approval.

It is the refinement of content and its connectivity that distinguish the Author-e suite from conventional project management and document management systems, or other online document editors.

The collaborative features of the Author-e suite eliminate the need to constantly e-mail Word documents.

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